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abstract illustration of single eye for concepts of surveillance, vigilance, and observation
source copyrighted digital art by Chaware

Dysfunctions-Enabled Victims

A ‘dysfunctions-enabled’ victim – ‘social environmental functions’ are disabled and ‘social dysfunctions and malfunctions’ are enabled – is a person who gets one or more covert social ‘snares’ (social loop traps) unwittingly layed out around in the person’s areas of living by shadowy organised powers, and often this strategy will be operatively combined with mistakes a victim is subliminally seduced to through disadvantageous or false decisions taken and leading to a pitfall.

Shadowy organised subliminal networking forces sometimes use the victim’s own people to build a sling, a loop trap, a snare – classmates, friends, neighbours, colleagues, relatives, family, spouse, children, and also any foreign passers – as operators, as false witnesses and as prosecuting plaintiffs leading in the victim’s fields of life factually to an activation of social dysfunctions and social flawy malfunctions, which get enabled systematically as far as to a ‘Waterloo’ situation, to a planned outbreak of social ruin with financial breakdown:
If ‘dys- and malfunctions’ are socially enabled for a targeted victim ‘nothing works’ even till to social and financial nihilation. –
Shadowy organised subliminal networking forces may be: Satanists, Organised Crime, Mafia, Secret Intelligence Agencies, Secret Intelligence Services that may be fused into a conglomerate acting or depriving, but working and agitating in any way in wicked minds, in malicious intentions and in most cases criminal.
What is this for? –
In many cases this is for no reason and for nothing – it’s simply:
insane (crazy) people control and rule and influence others to act in the same insanity on a targeted victim.
Or maybe, a targeted person is not welcome in the ‘club’ where he/she wants to join or has joined already.
Or maybe, those subliminal networking forces want a person to ‘submit’ and to ‘surrender’ – a victimised person might break down under the circumstances, and then the help might or will come from – the wrong – corner, from the fused conglomerate of Satanists, Organised Crime, Mafia, Seceret Intelligence Agencies, Secret Intelligence Services.
The best way out is to dissolve a social snare, to dissolve a social loop trap, to pour the social pitfall and level it, is:
to keep the laws of the state the targeted person lives in, and to turn on the laws a government sets also for the evil doers. –
You probably will not get hold of the covert living bosses planning evil this kind of ‘black operations’ of constructing social loop traps for individuals, but you may be able to stop the operators in the lower bottom levels in this hierarchy acting insane or/and criminal upon a targeted person’s life:
Bring them under the Law.

jona(h) li, 28. May 2017, 2nd edited on 9. December 2019,

abstract illustration of single eye for concepts of surveillance, vigilance, and observation
source copyrighted digital art by Chaware
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